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You Can Master The Secret Team Leadership Hacks & Frameworks And Become A Successful Leader Who Commands Immense Respect And Holds Substantial Influence Over His Team With No Prior Experience In Leadership. You Won’t Believe Me Right. But Remember Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Made, So Take Part In This Live Workshop To Become A Leader In The Making.

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Preparing Manager Mindset

Learn different scenarios of becoming a manager & how to handle them. Learn things you can do to Fastrack your transition from individual to managerial roles. Overcome all the mental blocks that are blocking you on our managerial journey.

Take Charge of Your Managerial role FAST

What will you do once you join as a new manager? You need an action plan to take control of things quickly. Following the 3-step managerial framework which I will be sharing, will help you take charge of your role in the quickest possible time.

Build Rapport With Your Team

The no. 1 thing that binds a team together is TRUST. Trust is what makes the team perform in unison. Learn ways to build trust with your team to function efficiently. 

Understand Your Team

Build a quick SWOT analysis of your team and learn how to plan your activities around the strengths of your team members. Diversity can be a strength if managed properly. Not everybody is suited to do everything.

Be an organized Manager

Learn tips and tricks to organize your day better, and put things on autopilot to build efficiencies in your team. Unlock time to focus on the most important activities.

Delegate Effectively

As they say, delegation is an art and a science. Delegation cannot be just based on team members’ bandwidth. Learn the tips to delegate right and get the task done efficiently and quickly.

Register before May 28, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 11,000

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Register before May 28, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 11,000

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A cheat-sheet for leaders and managers to help them cope up with complex situations.



A guidebook for all the leaders to show them the right direction and perspectives to succeed in their careers.

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Register before May 28, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 11,000

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Register before May 28, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 11,000

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anybody who want to learn and acquire leadership skills but especially for

☞ Every company operates with a pyramid hierarchy, where junior roles are individual roles and mid-senior roles are managerial roles. Team-leading can be your number one breakthrough to rise from individual to managerial roles and achieve that monetary & professional progress.

☞ As a project manager, you are juggling constantly with multiple tasks and dealing with multiple team members simultaneously. Learning a structured way of leading your team can save you hours and help you deliver the project more efficiently.

☞ It is practically not possible for the business owner to do everything himself. A business can grow only if the entrepreneur can put together the right team that can help him grow. Learning how to build and grow your team will be game changing for your business.

☞ As a startup founder or an employee in a startup, you are always working in a fast-paced environment. Your role may expand quickly to include more responsibilities and may even grow fast vertically to manage a team under you. Knowing how to build and run a team will help you adapt to this speedy change seamlessly.

☞ For subject matter practitioners like CA, CS, CMA, Lawyer, Consultants, Architects, interior designers, and others, it is not just enough to know your area of expertise. It is only when you put together a right team of juniors and support staff that you can
grow your practice to the next level.

☞ There are plenty of companies out there who hire fresh post-graduates, engineers, CAs, and other professionals directly into managerial roles. Knowing the right team leading skills will save you from the overwhelm of being a young manager and help you perform better right from the beginning of your career.

Know your mentor

Know your mentor

Hi, I am Dhawal Parvatikar, Chartered Accountant & IIM-A Alum (Exec). As a career coach, I help professionals get to the next level through my training and coaching programs. I help professionals and students like you to become better team managers.

Experienced management professional with 12+ years of experience in diverse industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Software, Global Shared Services, Advertising & PR. Worked with some of the largest brands in the world in various leadership roles handling multi-locational & multi-cultural team environment.

In this workshop, I look forward to making you a confident & an efficient team leader, helping you achieve that next level of professional & monetary progress by becoming a strong manager. 

Register before May 28, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 11,000

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Workshop is on Saturday, 25th Feb at 7 PM


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Register before May 28, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 11,000

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