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23rd December, 7 PM | Friday

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You can Start & Scale any Business (Online & Offline), generate profit from Day 1 Without Being a Sales Expert Or Having a Unique Product

Using my Secret & 100% Proven "Drafting a Million Dollar Offer" Strategy that has made me over 7 crores in 2021.

No Prior Business Knowledge or Experience Required!

YES, It will be that Easy!

Here is what you are going to learn...

The 7 Crore Secret Formula to pick the Right Market & Right Product for a Successful Business

Helped us leverage Industry tailwinds to generate over 7 crores in revenue even during a pandemic.

Five Point Technique to find the right price for your product/service

Will help your business reach the point of revenue maximization & avoid losing out on potential profits.

Value Equation Method to make your customers loyal to you for life

Increased our customer retention rate by 340% & our Customer LTV by over 120%

Million-Dollar Anchor System to 8x your current price & still retain all your customers

Led to 3.5 Crores of Additional Revenue for our companies in the last 11 months.

How to draft an offer so good, people will feel stupid saying no to you

Let’s us add over 3,700 paying customers every month without any sales call.

Creating No Cost Bonuses to increase the perceived value of your product/service

Helped us close 2x more clients by making our product & services more valuable to them.

Leveraging Psychology of Scarcity & Urgency to make your prospects buy faster (and more!)

Led to over 70% reduction in time taken for a prospect to become a paying customer.

MAGIC Formula for naming offers to boost conversions & tackling offer fatigue forever

Generates over 2 crores in profit every year from my principal business using the SAME offer without boring my prospects.

"I have been running 2 successful businesses since years now & just by figuring out how to craft my offering, I was able to get over 51,480 paying customers & make over 7 crores in revenue!"

Don't Just Take My Word For It, Here's Some Proof For You To See...

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What I Will Teach You In This 3-Hour LIVE Workshop Will Not Just Help You Setup Your Own Business, But Also Help You Reach Lakhs Of Revenue Every Single Month. It’s all possible by creating your own Million Dollar Offer!!

Believe Me When I Say This “You DO NOT Need Any Unique Product Or Years Of Sales Experience To Be Able To Build Your Own Highly Successful Business that Generates Lakhs Of Revenue Every Month”.


Hi, I am Jatan Shah

Founder & CEO Of Skill Nation and JS Academy (7 Crores+ Revenue)

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was right out of college. I had no money, a job offer in hand that I didn’t want to do & a passion to do something that I can call my own.

I believed I had the fire in me to start my own business but everyone around me including my family told me I needed to have either a lot of initial investment, a super innovative product or amazing sales skills to make it big as a businessman.

I really wanted to build my own business, but just because I had neither of what “they” said I needed to have for a successful business, I didn’t take action.

There was a time when I used to constantly think of how I will be unhappy for the rest of my life doing a job I absolutely hated.

But then, one day, I decided to take action. I made a decision to not let my limitations define me.

So, I started my own ONLINE business. A business which required less investment, low risk & had a huge upside potential.

After years of experimenting, failing in some avenues & succeeding in a lot more, I finally cracked it! We created offers that made over 7 crores in annual revenue & are on track to make 12 crores next year.

Long story short – Today, if I look back, I realize there could be so many people like me.

For A Very Long Time, I Was Not Ready To Give Out My Secret. But, Many People Started To Approach Me, Asking Me To Help Them With Their Passion & Businesses.

And Believe Me – I WAS SHOCKED! More Than 70% Of People Who Approached Me, Were Having The Same Misconceptions That I Once Had.

That’s It! I Made A Decision. A Decision To Change The Way People Lived Their Life. This Is How “Creating Grand Slam Offers” Was Started 🙂


43% of Customers buy online products & services solely based on the Deal a.k.a the Offer they are getting.

78% of Businesses (offline & online) struggle to get their FIRST sale ever just because of a poor presentation of their Offer.

92% of Job Professionals do not start a business as they think they need to have a Unique Product to be Successful which is NOT TRUE at all.

57% of people FAIL TO REALISE the potential of how an Offer can make you go from 0 to Lakhs in Sales even in your First Month.

Improving they way you present your Offer can literally Sky-Rocket your Revenue by a minimum of up to 830%

48% of Job Professionals think starting a Business needs a Huge Investment but the reality is you can start a Million Dollar Business with Absolutely Zero Rupees.

Register before June 01, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 12,000

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Index Creation VBA tool to automatically create Indexes

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Essential Excel Shortcuts Handbook to save hours of your time

Worth Rs 1,500

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3 Practical Case Studies on Real Time Datasets for Data Analysis practice

Worth Rs 2,000

Register before June 01, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 12,000



Skill Nation & JS Academy

7 Crores+

Revenue Generated from Businesses

3 Crores+

Profit Generated from Online Ventures


Professionals Trained & Upskilled

“When I Started On This Journey In 2016, I had no money. But, I Was Determined To Do This For The Rest Of My Life. However, All That Every Coach Told Me Was That I Should Pay For Expensive Tools Like Click-Funnels If I Want To Make This Happen. 

I Really Wanted To Build My Online Business, But Just Because I Did Not Have Money, I Couldn’t Afford To Get Any Expensive Tools.There Was A Time When I Started To Think That Click-Funnels Is The Only Solution To Convert More Sales & Increase Revenue.

But, Then One Day, I Decided. I Made A Decision That I Will Not Let My Limitations Define Me.

So, I Invested In A “CHEAP” Monthly Hosting And Started To Practice. After Practicing For Countless Hours, Days & Months, I Finally Cracked It! Long Story Short – Today, If I Look Back, I Realize That There Could Be So Many People, Just Like Me.

For A Very Long Time, I Was Not Ready To Give Out My Secret. But, Many People Started To Approach Me. Asking Me To Help Them With Their Websites & Landing Pages.

And Believe Me – I WAS SHOCKED! More Than 70% Of People Who Approached Me, Were Paying For Super Expensive Tools Like Click-Funnels unnecessarily.

That’s It! I Made A Decision. A Decision To Change The Game. This Is How “LANDING PAGE DOMINATION” Was Born 🙂 

Register before June 01, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 12,000


I will teach you everything you need, LIVE with Practical Case Studies to craft your Million Dollar Offer & start the business you always wanted to. All of it will be directly from my experience of building 2 Multi Crore Businesses. No B.S! No Theory!

Register before June 01, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 12,000

Want more proof?

Go to LinkedIn & search for my name “Jatan Shah”. You will find 1000’s of happy participants thanking me. Go to my LinkedIn profile & check my endorsements & recommendations. Go to Trustpilot & read my reviews. I am sure you will be convinced in no time. 😀

Awesome Reviews (Avg 4.8/5)​

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all common questions below that you might have about the workshop. For any further queries, please contact: [email protected]
The workshop starts on Tuesday, 14th December and will go on till Sunday. Saturday will be a break day.
  • Mix of both. Everyday, you will be getting the Session Pre-Recorded Modules.
  • Every Second Day there will be a live session at 9PM (IST) to clear all questions/doubts of every session.
  • The final Mega Webinar will be completely LIVE.
  • Everyday you will get recorded videos which you can watch anytime you want throughout the day.
  • Live sessions would be at 9pm.
  • Sunday, the live MEGA WEBINAR would go on from 1 PM to 4 PM (3 hours) where we will build Financial Model together.
Yes! You will receive recordings of both classes and live sessions. Please note, there would be no recording of the Sunday 1 PM – 3.30 PM session. That’s the only session where you won’t receive a recording.
Yes! It is a Certified Workshop.
You will require a laptop (it can be Windows or Mac, any is fine).
Basic knowledge of financial concepts is required. Apart from that, no prior knowledge is required.

Please email us at [email protected] & our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

As it is a workshop & not a course, the access will be limited to 1 month post workshop. This is to make sure our students don’t take their learning lightly and follow a disciplined approach.

You should’ve completed all the lectures and attended all the live sessions to be eligible. If after attending all of it, you still feel that you were not satisfied with the quality that we offer, we will offer you the refund. Please note that refunds will not be applicable if you don’t attend sessions or complete all modules during the workshop.

Register before June 01, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 37,000