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Learn The Fundamentals of A "High Paying Copywriting Skill" and Get Certified Only in "3 Hours" To Sell Anything Through Words Without Any Writing Experience or Good English

Discover Powerful Writing Methods That Any Beginner Can Learn And Become An Expert. This High Paying Skill Will Make You Stand Out in Competition

By Komal Narwani

“Professional Copywriter”

Masterclass is on 11th Feb, 2023 (Saturday)

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Digital Marketers

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What Will You Learn In This Copywriting Workshop…?


Influence And Impact The Person On The Other Side Of Your Screen.

Words are very powerful. They can sadden someone. powerful words can create powerful actions filled with truth. Copywriting Works In The Same Way, It Has Power And That Is Why People Take Actions On Your Ads And Landing Pages

The True Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting 

Words are very powerful. They can sadden someone. powerful words can create powerful actions filled with truth. Copywriting Works In The Same Way, It Has Power And That Is Why People Take Actions On Your Ads And Landing Pages

Evoke Emotions in Your Readers To Connect and Take Desired Actions:

How Do You Want Your Audience Or Customers To Feel After Reading Your Words?
We Don’t Remember What We Were Told, But We Always Remember How We Felt.

Formulas For Copy Structure

craft compelling copies by working on proven formulas which has been tried and tested by marketing masters, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

[ guess ? – PPPP, aIDA, PAS, UUUU formula ]

The Power of Good Stories

This Is Super Important For A Copywriter To Tell Stories. In Fact, All The Great Artists, Advertising Professionals Are Nothing But Great Storytellers. 
Before Learning How To Create Stories, Begin With How To Even Spot Stories In Every Piece Of Content Around You, Then Shift To Storytelling.

Know Your Product, Know Your Customer

first thing first, who is my customer? And secondly, what am I selling? You See, It’s The Most Fundamental Thing. Most Of The Copywriters Simply Ignore These Fundamentals And That Is Why They Fail.

More Than 1800 Students Have Already Attended

And Now They Are Copywriting Masters...

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Bonus #1

Ready To Use Headline Templates

Either spend your entire time scratching your head to come up with a perfect headline, or save hours using these ready made HEADLINES templates for you.

Worth - Rs 2,500/-

Bonus #2

200+ Power Words

Learn is a commond word, but Discover is powerful word. You see the difference. 

FREE, New Research, Lost Principles, Hidden are all  power words. Use these words for engagement and sales. 

Worth - Rs 1,500/-

Bonus #3

Book Recommendations

I will tell you a list of books that you have to read mandatorily because advertising is a field of Knowledge and Psychology. 

For increasing your knowledge, and to turn yourself into a writer that really boost up sale, you need to be different. To be Different, READ, READ, READ.

Worth - Rs 2,500/-

Bonus #4

List of Copywriting Tools

There are so many AI softwares now a days for writing Copies.

Use these tools to do crazy content research and write as many copies as you want in minimum time.

Worth - Rs 1,500/-

Know Your Mentor

Your "Copywriting Coach" For Workshop

Komal Narwani

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By “Komal Narwani” & Skill Nation

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Copywriting Workshop


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Topic 1 : Play With Words

Topic 2 : Build The 3 Pillars of Good Copy

Topic 3 : Tips and Tricks To Create Quick Copies

Topic 4 : The Power of Good Stories

Topic 5 : Evoke Emotions

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4. Bonus 3 : Book Recommendations.......................... ₹ 2500

5. Bonus 4 : List of Copywriting Tools.......................... ₹ 1500

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The Workshop is on Saturday, 11th Feb at 7 PM

It is a completely LIVE Workshop 

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