Learn Content Marketing - The Art Of Creating Compelling Content, And Bringing Your Brand To Life As Zomato Did Without Ever Running Out Of Content Ideas

Know how you can attract customers, clients, and recruiters using the power of content marketing and storytelling.

19th Nov


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What will you learn in this Workshop?

Content Marketing- The absolute basics

Learn what exactly is content marketing. Start form the basics and then learn how to apply it to your Brand and make it stand out using the power of storytelling.

Steps to create a Content Marketing Strategy

Understand how to plan out one month of content in advance effortlessly by creating content buckets and content calendar as per the objective and goal of the brand.

Personal Brand using Content Marketing

Learn how to build a loyal audience and make a super strong personal brand on social media through storytelling and content creation. Start with defining who you are and what you want to be known for.

Master Storytelling

The heart and soul of content marketing. Learn to create stories that evoke untouched feelings and emotions among your audience and make your brand a social media sensation.

Generating Content Ideas

Learn the scientific process behind researching and generating endless content ideas. Never run out of content ideas in your life again.

Tools for Content Creation

As a content marketer, the idea is to automate and create systems to ensure you execute processes well. Learn all the important tools that will help you run 80% of your content creation process on autopilot.

Register before May 29, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anybody who wants to learn copywriting but specially for:

☞ Traditional marketing is dying. The only way you can win an audience in the 2020s is through content marketing. It is one of the most efficient marketing techniques and strategies that brands use and content marketing is the future of marketing.

☞ The most challenging task for content creators is always coming up with ideas that are fresh, compelling, and original. It’s common to go blank and run out of ideas if you don’t have a scientific process to generate endless ideas and execute them to fulfill your objectives as a content creator.

☞ The most challenging task for any freelancer is to attract clients. Content marketing teaches you how you don’t need to reach out to clients blindly using age-old cold mailing and other traditional techniques. Instead, you can create professional content for your niche, make your own personal brand and let your clients approach you with projects.

☞ Social media is all about content. With more than 3 billion active Instagram users, without content, without storytelling, you are no different than a bot account.

☞ If you are looking to kickstart a career in marketing and you are also a lowkey storyteller and content creator, learning content marketing is highly recommended.

☞  Agency owners need content marketing to attract clients without going for traditional advertising (traditional advertisements are not recommended for b2b businesses)

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Content Marketing Playbook

A detailed step by step playbook which will give you an idea of how to create content marketing strategies.


Content Marketing Tools

A detailed list of tools that you can use as a content creator


Example of a Content Calendar

An example of how a content calendar is created and how topics are created for a brand.


List of best copywriting tools that save time and cost

Best set of tools to use on a daily basis, helpinh you in your work.


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Register before May 29, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

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Know your mentor

Know your mentor

Hi, I’m Punita, your instructor for this workshop. I’m a media veteran for over 2 decades specialized in Broadcast Media in Content Marketing, and Storytelling for brands where I’ve been curating customized & Integrated Solutions for Brands across various domains and sectors. I quit my 9-5 Job at the Peak of Lockdown in 2020 as realized that this is the time to give back to the community and hence I started educating and empowering my audience on LinkedIn on the “Power of Content Marketing”. I am now an Independent Content Marketer helping brands on LinkedIn build their personal brand growth with the “Power of Content”. I love making conversations, human connections, and hearing everyone’s stories.

Register before May 29, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

Frequently Asked Questions

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