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Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

What will you learn in this Masterclass?

The Art of Communication

Learn how to persuade, and communicate using various verbal and non-verbal methods like handshakes, eye contact, etc.

Greetings and introduction

Learn how to address someone using their name differently, and how to introduce yourself to new colleagues, interviewers, recruiters.

Describing a person or a situation

Learn segregation of descriptive words with meanings, hands-on practice through picture descriptions, word descriptions, tips on how to be fluent.

Situational phrases and Idioms to ace the conversation

Learn about the killer 10 phrases and idioms, the concept of pauses, and fillers for conversation with usage and meanings.

Making a video resume

Learn to create a video resume as a fresher as well as a working professional to grab the attention of recruiters.

Winning your workplace through your communication skills

Learn the advanced communication skills to win your colleagues and bosses your way of thinking

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

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Formal Letters & Email Writing Templates

Never get stuck or blank while writing emails and letters, use these email writing templates and write kickass emails.


Podcast On Greetings

Includes Interesting and impressive ways to greet the people around you. 


Tongue Twisters To Avoid Fumbling

Practice these tongue twisters to get over fumbling problems.


Book Recommendations On How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Best set of books to improve your communication skills


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Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

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Know your mentor


Know your mentor

Hi, I’m Deepali Seth, Lecturer-cum-researcher at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra (India). Having an experience of over 5+ years, I’m skilled in teaching and training learners/clients with keeping in view their individual differences. Have been a successful Corporate Communication Trainer and have conducted various online workshops for National and International clients.

I carry a strong academic background by qualifying for National and State level exams with a sound experience of 6+ years in the publishing industry and working as an IELTS Trainer.

Have been a recipient of Honor for being an Exponent of Modern Education & Paramount Scholar. You can call me a researcher | lecturer | writing specialist | podcaster | corporate communication trainer.

Looking forward to see you there in this amazing 3-hour workshop. 

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 8,000

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Workshop is on Saturday, 05th Nov at 7 PM

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