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Learn the Business of Sports from a UEFA Certified Coach & turn your Passion for Sports into an Exciting Career.

26th October

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5 Days

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for those who wish to learn more about the Business of Sports.

☞ All those who wish to coach professionally, in schools, colleges, clubs, associations, the route map towards becoming a licensed coach.

☞ Learn the business that goes on behind a successful athlete, from scouting talent to contract signing to negotiation with the brands.

☞ Candidates will learn the basics that go behind being a sports analyst of a sports team and an analyst on TV.

☞ Sports Management is one of the new age subjects and career options, opening job prospects in Sports Teams, Sports Leagues, Sports Management Companies etc.

☞ Learn the ethos of being a sports manager and the skills required to be the best at your job.

☞ Learn about career options in sports, if not on the pitch, off it and get a head start.

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 27,000

Get Certified by a UEFA Certified Coach

Yes! You will be certified by an UEFA Certified Coach which brings a lot of credibility to your certificate & your resume.

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 27,000

How does the 5-Day Sports Management Workshop work?

The workshop is designed to be extremely convenient for students & working professionals to learn & manage work together.

Step 1

Recorded Modules

You get access to daily video modules every day which you can watch anytime during the day at your convenience.

Step 2

Live Sessions

Live doubt solving sessions every alternate day where you will have all your questions answered. Recording will be provided if you miss it.

Step 3

Mega Webinar

On Sunday, there will be a LIVE Mega Webinar where you will learn how to create a sporting event right from the scratch. Explore the world of a Sports Manager while curating an entire league experience.
It’s going to be extreme fun.

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 27,000

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Tips to crack Sports Management interviews based on Mr. Varun Chopra’s Experience



List of the various job opportunities and relevant companies in the field of Sports Management



Detailed checklist of the entire event planning process to help you start your own Grassroots Sports League



Detailed Case Analysis of World Champion athletes such as LeBron James, Sachin Tendulkar & Serena Williams



Exclusive Access to Skill Nation’s Sports Community to get access & network with the Smartest Brains in India

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Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 27,000

What will you learn in this amazing workshop?

You will start from the basics & scale your way up to become a champ in Sports Management

Day 1: Tue, 26th October

Understand the basics of web, Bubble and how Bubble lets you build web apps. Learn how to navigate in the Bubble editor and create a simple UI. 

Day 2: Wed 27th October

Learn the role of database and how to structure a scalable database for your app. Then, learn the basic workflows for Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting information from your database. 

Day 3: Thu, 28th October

Learn how to build a user interface. Experiment with the various elements of each UI page, and learn about workflows and visual elements. You want to get a handle on how to get an interface up and running, and also start to play with some of the more advanced visual elements. 

Day 4: Fri, 29th October

Learn how to use workflows, database triggers, and custom events to implement the business logic of your app. Different ways to use your app will require different workflows and conditional statements. 

Sunday: Mega Webinar

Attend the live webinar where we learn how to create a responsive design. At the end, we’ll explore some strategies to improve your app performance and handle SaaS data management. 

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Know your trainer

Know your trainer

I’m a Bubble developer with over 3 years of experience building Bubble applications. I first tried Bubble because I wanted to turn my idea into reality, and the more I used it, the more I realised how it could help in shipping MVPs. My team and I have helped ship about a dozen Bubble applications. Some of them have gone about and raised funding from investors. And one in particular was selected by Bubble itself as the “Best Bubble Build” during a hackathon. And with my blog, I share what I’ve learnt and teach people just the stuff they need to know about Bubble.

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 27,000

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all common questions below that you might have about the workshop. For any further queries, please contact: [email protected]

The workshop starts on Tuesday, 26th October and will go on till Sunday. Saturday will be a break day.

  • Everyday, you will be getting the Session Pre-Recorded Modules.
  • Every Second Day there will be a live session at 9PM (IST) to clear all questions/doubts of every session.
  • The final Mega Webinar will be completely LIVE.

Everyday you will get recorded videos which you can watch anytime you want throughout the day. Live sessions would be at 9pm. Sunday, the live MEGA WEBINAR would go on from 1 PM to 3.30 PM (2.5 hours)

As it is a workshop & not a course, the access will be limited to 14 Days post workshop. This is to make sure our students don’t take their learning lightly and follow a disciplined approach.

Yes! It is a Certified Workshop. You will be certified by Skill Nation.

Yes! You will receive recordings of both, recorded modules and live Q&A sessions. Please note, there would be no recording of the Sunday 1 PM – 3.30 PM session. That’s the only session where you won’t receive a recording.

Please Email us at [email protected] & our awesome support team will get back to you ASAP.

There is no prerequisite to attend the workshop. We will be teaching everything from scratch and so, all of you can attend this workshop!

Register before March 30, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 27,000

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